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Teeth Whitening Kit | Teeth Whitening cost in Lagos | Free New Year Gift For Everyone

Teeth Whitening Kit is another free new year gift for everyone.  If you miss my first free gift for new year lot of #Usefulteam already getting it but as at the time writing this second free gift is still available you can check here to enjoy it too.  ”Knife Sharpener| Bavarian Edge Review |Other Knief Sharpener | Free New Year Gift For Everyone”


These are what we are going to be briefly talking about the teeth whitening kit before the gift:

Am gifting this product because of the festive period and after that am not going to be giving it again. This is a product, that after giving someone the person will appreciate it for long.

Note: For you to get this free gift you need to fully read and understand this piece 

  • Types of teeth whitening kit
  • The teeth whitening kit side effects if any
  • where you can get the teeth whitening in Lagos and anywhere in your location
  • A short review of the ’20 Minute White Smile’
  • Features
  • teeth whitening cost

Types Of Teeth Whitening Kit

Do you know there are a lot of teeth whitening kit from a different company? This is why you can probably buy some and it will not work perfectly. These are the trusted and tested teeth whitening kit you should buy if you want to buy one. Though am still going to give you one of the best by the end of this post.

  • AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit – This is one of the best teeth whitening kit that really works perfectly it comes with the paste as usual and the led light full kit. It leaves no mess. You can see the result on your first use so you are cover.
  • 20 Minute White Smile – This is another best teeth whitening kit. Always comes with a full kit. It works very fast with no side effect or any mess. No pain or anything and you see the result in the first 20 minutes you use it. In fact, it is re-usable for others because after using it for little time you will see result fast. The gell is work perfectly with side effect and the  LED lightening machine is perfect. You need to try it out or gift someone this product this festive period.
  • Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit-  This is another teeth whitening kit that really works perfectly. Unlike the other system, you don’t get extra tray but you can archive this by following the instruction. And it is really okay.
  • Polished Teeth Whitening Kit –  It comes with 3 syringes, a mouth guard and the LED light. And it also works fine with no effect. You need to follow instructions in these products to make it work fast.
  • Cali White Teeth Whitening Kit  –  This is another product of teeth whiting kit and it is super awesome. With the embedded timer you just need to wait till the timer go off and you are done. After trying for about 7 days you will see the result with just 10 to 20 min per day you will love the result.

The Teeth Whitening   KitSide Effect

The only side effects are when you buy the wrong product but if you buy one of the above product! It’s really okay and tested and trusted.

And another thing is if you get those products up there make sure you read the label instruction to guide you. And follow the instruction simple and you will see a result with no side effects.

Because the product is now popular so there are so many of them that are not working that way if you want to get one of those best above like ‘ 20 minute White Smile’ is best.

Where You Can Get The Teeth Whitening Kit In Lagos Or Other Places

If you are in Lagos or Nigeria you can get it from the popular online stores like Jumia, Konga, Jiji or other online stores.

And for others, you can easily get it on international stores like Amazon.

In a few seconds now I will tell you how to get it and the amount if you are getting it after this my gift close.


A short Review of the 20 minute white smile

Am going to say my take on this product because it is really working perfectly with no problem and this is the product am giving you the best.

20 minute white smile works perfectly as they said 20 minute after the first use of 20 minute you will surely start seeing result though you need to re-use it to see more result until satisfy.

This is just like the treatment your dentist will give you if you go for whitening teeth treatment. This product fulfills white teen up to 8 shade in 20 minute without sensitivity or pain.

So many reviews on this product and you will see its working.

In just 3 steps you will see the result.

First, apply the healthy vitamin E to your teeth

Then Attach the pre-filled tray to the LED accelerator light.

Insert the tray into your mouth and turn on the light.

And after 20 minute all done.
The Ads Video


From the official website which also capture-screen below  on this day 30th of December 2018 20MINUTEWHITESMILE.COM

  • Saves Money
  • FDA Cleared
  • Fast Results
  • Professional Grade
  • Portable & Powerful
  • Works on Tough Stains
  • 10x More Powerful Than Other Whitening Light Kits
From the official website


From the official website now cost around $39(Around 14, 000) the amount increases because of the value before I think it cost around that $ 19 ( around 6, 900 naira). It is better to get it now before it increases again.

And this is the product am giving you this festive period.

For Nigeria, you can check the price on Jumia, Konga, and JIJI

and for international, fans you can check it on Amazon all scree-captured below.

While checking note the product name very important ’20 minute white smile’



  • On jumia 5,000 naira ( around  $13)
  • On Jiji 3,700 naira (Around $10.2)
  • On Amazone $24(Around 8,700 naira )  to $49( around 17,800 naira)

Am giving out this product for everyone for New year gift for 2,500 naira (Around $6.8) naira only and its just for this festive period.

It payment on delivery, when you verify and satisfy the product then you can pay the tokin.

Especially in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, And other Part of Nigeria just contact me directly because am handling this gift period. Use the contact form here or send a text message only to 07065520338 or WhatsApp. You can also click this link to chat me up on WhatsApp now for your order.

Click Order now just 2,600 naira on deliver

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It is not that much but you can reserve your space now. Also available in wholesales. Note its for a gift so don’t come and pack everything and start selling well no problem about that.

For international user just chat me up on WhatsApp Here. Contact [email protected]

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Happy new year to everyone.

Check the review videos from awesome youtubers.