Road Close-Tanker full of Petrol stumble on Raji Rasaki Road , Iyana-Ipaja area but no life lost

stumble trailer

fire fighter

We first need to thank God for no lives lost! A tanker full of petrol stumbles without fire outbreak it worth thanking God for!  Where there is a lot of vehicles parked alongside with houses.

From the witness leaving around,  he said they hear the awkward noise while the terrible incident occurred.

According to the witness the incident happen around 1 am 8/24/2016 while the driver struggle to go out of the tanker he started shouting ‘E bo ta oo’ (everybody come out) he shouted for a while when he ran away for his life – thinking the tanker might explode-

trailer stumble

trailer stumble

People started coming out and running leaving their houses and running for their lives.
When people started calling the Firefighter and others calling the Ikeja Electric(NEPA) not to restore supply because the tanker is very near to the transformer .

Around 4-5am The Firefighter came around and started spreading the chemical water to suppress the petrol flame while waiting for the Ikeja Electric team to drop the Low Voltage Mainline wire across the tanker and to assure them that the supply will not be restored.

Some little latter the Ikeja Electric Team arrive and begin isolating the LT Mainline wire across the tanker as shown below.

After all the isolation the firefighter begins their work lifting the head of the tanker gradually while suppressing the area with the extinguished chemical water as shown above.

Then started re-positioning the tanker itself depicted below!


fire fighter at work

According to our reporter, the people around said the tanker is going to a Station around, but the incident happens due to the sloppiness of the road.
They said they have been complaining about the slope of the road that always causes accident, but nothing has been done yet.

After some hours when everything has been put in place rain started.

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People around started thanking God their life.

ikeja electric


We thank God for no lives lost!
And according to our reporter Lagos State government is trying with fast response to the incident else, this is not what we will be saying!


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