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Racksterly (Racksterly .co) sign up Income Program Review HIDDEN TRUTH


Hi guys, Its Tunde on another awesome review. Racksterly .co  income program review. These  are some quick truth the racksterly program before you sign up.

So, many things are hidden about this program which leads to people searching and asking so many questions like:

racksterly about?
racksterly website?
Racksterly .co?
racksterly sign up?
racksterly registration?
Racksterly Income program review?
racksterly office in nigeria?
racksterly office in lagos?
racksterly contact?
Is racksterly a scam or legit?

racksterly scam or real?

in fact not end there some will ask racksterly news !

But the good news is that I will answer all those doubt questions one after the other in this review.

About Racksterly

Racksterly claims to be a medium platform that collects advert from big brands like Jumia, Milo, GTBank, Konga, MTN among others

They place this advert they collected on valid facebook users like you and me and pay the facebook user some amount from what they collect from the brands or company.

Basically you don’t need anything other than your valid Facebook account. Racksterly best describe has AdSense is to bloggers so racksterly is to any facebook users here you don’t need a website or anything.

Racsterly is a business located in Lagos Nigeria registered Company under Medaecon Limited [RC 756703].

Has on there website racksterly is simply ‘Share. Earn. Easy As Pie.’

Its very simple you register on racksterly with any subscription ranges from $18 to $75 per month and you also get paid back in dollar within $36 to $168 doing nothing than just share a post per day.

Am not just going to be talking about this income program I will show you some valid proof whether its a scam or legit!

And I have made some calculation with there subscription and how much you will earn in a month and i said its 100% worth it if it’s legit.

Though they have referring program like other income programs they don’t really care about that because they pay you without referring anybody.

That means with zero refer they still pay in as much as you share advert on your Facebook account every day for 30 days you get paid accordingly.

According to racksterly you get within $1.2 to $5.6 per share depending on the plan you subscribe for.

Let move to the next question…

Racksterly Website

Racksterly did not register on a popular domain like .com

Or like other income programs in Nigeria .com.ng or .ng

Just to make things standard because there plan is to go global which is the reason for payment in dollar

They register has racksterly .co  

So no more question about that! they are racksterly .co

Before I make a quick review about the program i will show you some proof.

Because of the way this program looks too good to be true i make the bold step to subscribe for the highest plan worth $75 per 30days

And i will be getting $5.6 per share advert.

This plan is called TYPHOON

I will use the next question to take you through the registration or sign up process with checkout proof.

After I will show you lot of payment proof.

Racksterly sign up Or Registration

I took the bold step to register for racksterly TYPHOON

But remember racksterly is of four plans the Dew $18 , Drizzle $25 , Storm $45 and Typhoon $75 .. all this will be explained very soon in the review part

racksterly plans

You will first follow this link below to register

Racksterly Sign up

On the next page you will click get started 

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Racksterly get started sign up

On the next prompt you will click continue below

Racksterly sign up procedure
Racksterly sign up procedure

On the next page here you will input your personal details , Your prefered plan to sign up for then click create account

racksterly sign up form


On the next page you will see checkout to use your card to pay according to the plan you choose.

On my sign up here i choose the highest plan which is typoon 27,887 ($75)

You can choose the $18 , $25 , or $45 plan depend on you

After you click create account then it will take you to to checkout with your card then i use my card to checkout

racksterly checkout

This is my racksterly  checkout proof

racksterly checkout proof

After i checkout and paid it will take you to next page to fill in my back details to reveive my money after 30 days

The next step is to setup or link facebook account with your racksterly account has showned below and follow racksterly fx has instructed 


racksterly link facebook account

After this, your account has been successfully fully setup. You will see the ads to share instantly.

Without wasting much of my time I quickly share my first ads after I sign up

This is my first ads below

my racksterly first ads

After I shared my first ads what I just need is one person to click it and gbam my $5.6 in the dashboard.

After i share the ads i quickly go back and check the dashboard. $5.6 already there for the first share.

That means if I did not do anything other than just sharing an ad per day for 30 days I will collect $5.6 by 30 which is $160 doing nothing than sharing ads.

I did all that just to verify maybe the program is real ..

Let me show you this 20 days dashboard below

racksterl 20 days

This is not a matter of showing what i did not do i verify it myself and watch out for payment proof

You don’t even need to refer at all to get paid. That means You get paid even if you don’t refer a single person. Only if you need to double the hustle you refer and that is at your discretion.

You earn according to your subscription…

Racksterly Payment Proof

There are lot and lot of payment proof because they pay every single day.

Yes, every day because 30 days of people subscription reaches every day. If you register today you receive your payment in the next 30days.

People are registering everyday and people are re-subscribing every single day so they are paying every single day.

Now let me do little racksterly review

Racksterly Income program review: How it works

Racksterly is super legit and really works fine.

I am also a racksterlian lol.. That means i also sign up as shown above and if that is not concrete enough this is my racksterly referral link ‘ raxxly.co/x/EFE1‘ You can copy it down so has to use it when you want to register this will be a kind of thank you from you for me to introduce this to you or bookmark this articles down and use it later when you want to sign up.

Let move forward we still have lot to cover like racksterly office in Nigeria,
racksterly office in lagos, racksterly contact among others

Basically racksterly income program collects ads from big companies like Jumia, MTN, Airtel, Nevea, Konga, GTBank among others and instead of running ads on facebook they use our facebook account to run the ads. So by you just sharing the ads, they pay you part of what they collect from the company according to your subscription

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Racksterly has four plans has said early, and last for 30 days each

They have DEW, DRIZZLE , STORM AND TYPHOON has shown below


You don’t need to refer at all to earn or receive payment.

But you can refer and earn more if you like and this is how their referral system works.

How Racksterly Referal program works

Not like other programs like nnu, wakanda thats pay like 50% for referring or 80% self like nnu Racksterly did not really care about referring they care about normal member and payment to them so they only give 9% per person you refer.

That means if you refer someone that subscribes to dew you get paid $ 0.93 , You get $ 1.25 for Drizzle plan, $2.25 per Storm subscription you get and $3.75 per Stom subscribers you get.

Racksterly don’t give 90% like other scam sites no only 9%

You can copy down my referral code so whenever you want to register or raxxly.co/x/EFE1 or bookmark this page

Because this referring did not pay so much most don’t share the program they just keep it to themself or to friends and family.

But there is one thing racksterly still use to beat others in referring also to encourage referring is the achievement reward

Racksterly Income Review: How Achievement Reward works

racksterl achivement reward
Racksterly income review: Achievement reward dashboard

Racksterly still have a super way of commending you for referring new people into the program has shown in the above image and also explained below

  1. When you get your first referral they give you a reward of $2.5
  2. When you Refer a friend on the same day you start a subscription you get $3
  3. When you Refer 3 friends within one subscription period you get $10
  4. When you Refer 10 friends within one subscription period you get $45
  5. When you Refer 20 friends within one subscription period $80
  6. When you Refer 50 friends within one subscription period $150
  7. When you refer Refer 100 friends within one subscription period $350
  8. And when you Refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends they reward you $9

Now do some little calculation..

What if this reward is added to your monthly earnings?

That will be super double hustle and cool.

Let me show you how you will see your referral link

How can I see my racksterly referral link

racksterly referral link

To see your referral code after registration just click settings beside logout you will see it has it is shown above then copy it.

My referral lin has shown above screenshot ‘ raxxly.co/x/EFE1

Now let me quickly talk about there contact and office in Lagos, Nigeria since they work worldwide and paid in dollar currency to meet up with internationally because there aim is to move to several countries soon.

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Racksterly Contact, Office in Lagos, Nigeria

Contacting racksterly is very fast especially from your dashboard after you login see below

Click the help button

Racksterly contact

Then choose either check through FAQ maybe you can see the answer to the question you want to ask or click get in touch to send the a message

Or you click to get in touch and send them a message.. Very fast in responding.

Racksterly contact

You know contacting may not be enough some may want to go to there office.

That’s why people ask of racksterly office in Lagos or in Nigeria.

Racksterly Office in Lagos , Nigeria

Yes, nnu .ng did not have office did racksterly have an office?
According to them because of so much question about there office, this is there reply below screenshot

Racksterly office in lagos Nigeria

We don’t have one. Not anymore, anyway.
If you were here in the early days, then you know we had not one, but two addresses on our contact page. For a business that works fully online though, we simply couldn’t justify the overhead of an office building; figured that money could be better used (bigger, better servers, maybe?). So, we left.
We removed the addresses on the contact page so as not to mislead you. We believe integrity comes from the heart, not from appearance, and we have no qualms telling you this cos we hide nothing from you.
This doesn’t mean we’re in the wind. If the appropriate authorities ever need to find us, they know where to look. We made sure of that.
We haven’t tried to answer this convincingly. We’ve only tried to answer it honestly. Cos, despite all our vices, what with not answering emails promptly and all, the one thing we will not do is lie to you.
If this scares you, we understand. But we thought you deserve to know the truth.

They have two offices before address before then they don’t have any more just like facebook, adsense or other businesses working perfect online they can’t just have an office up and down like that. Only because racksterly is new they can just be planning of head office when they become more big and bigger. And international like others like ADSENSE.

Since everything works fine only and payments coming in a couple of minute after you press withdraw and all good.

And the reply in a couple of minutes after you contact them all customer services are correct and rapid.

Everything is okay

Now on the last questions

Is racksterly a scam or legit? : Conclusion

I don’t think I need to answer that anymore ..

Racksterly is 100% legit, paying and everything works fine.

Though racksterly is not got rich quick scheme or promise to give you millions in a couple of days, it’s just like nnu and other side hustle it’s only that they pay so much and make things easier.

Just like popular celebrities monetize there social media account to promote companies and get paid racksterly give everyone the same opportunity to promote their facebook account too irrespectively of who you are.

With just around $18 or 6,000 which is nothing compared to how much you will be receiving monthly. Just to secure your monthly earnings and add to your side hustle.

Not going to take our time at all just seconds to share an ads that’s all. …

Sign up to racksterly

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