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Knife Sharpener| Bavarian Edge Review |Other Knief Sharpener | Free New Year Gift For Everyone

Knife Sharpener is one of the essential items a must to be in a well civilize kitchen.
A good number of people crushes there food instead of cutting it and most times it is the blunt knife that mistakenly cut us.
Why? because when adding pressure on it you get cut.

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Because of the usefulness of Knief Sharpener, there are a bunch of types of knife sharpeners and am going to briefly state my top 5 best knife sharpeners as follows.


  • Electric Sharpeners – This is auto knife sharpener. And it’s awesome but quite not portable or moveable.  But quite good and really working fine
  • Sharpening Stones – Sharpening stone is like the complete opposite of electric sharpener because its completely manual and has been in existence for long even before the invent of this particular stone. This is a very great way to sharpen a very dull knife and it’s going to sharpen it perfectly. The three most common materials sharpening stones are made of are Novaculite, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide and they are commonly known as Arkansas, India, and Crystolon stones respectively.
  • Sharpening Steels – This is a very popular knife sharpener for the chef and probably meat seller. It has been around for long and really working fine. The four most common cuts are regular, diamond, combination, and ceramic.
  • Bavarian Edge – This is another modernize newly advance knife sharpener manually but works structured like auto. In few months of the commercial advert and people tried it and it really works. So many reviews online about the good work. It is made up of two independent sharpeners across each other with a perfect sharpens.
  • Handheld Sharpeners – This is another awesome knife sharpener though manual but very portable that is movable. This portability makes it really popular because cooks easily take it along whenever they are going or traveling because it’s not going to consume space and it works fine.

This article is just to give out stuff for the new year and it’s not going to be a bunch of stories let me give you a short review of my best knife sharpener which is Bavarian Edge.

My Bavarian Edge Review

Commercial Video

This is one of the latest knife sharpeners in town now. With the commercial advertisement that people try out and work fine, this sharpener has really gain grand.
Bavarian Edge knife sharpener with manufacturing date around May 2017 and this below screen-capture was capture 29th December 2018.

This knife sharpener is made up of Tungsten Carbide with dual string arm which makes sit sharpens super perfect and still flexible and movable.  It’s not really cost much so let quickly look into the features before going into price or cost presently.

All as seen on tv products always cool and this is another bob head product I love.


Features – Bavarian Edge Review

Bavarian edge comes with a bunch of features because of the confident the manufacturer has:

  • Manufactured from durable & pliable Tungsten Carbide
  • Quickly sharpen knives with the independent spring action arms
  • Lifetime money back guarantee
  • Durability
  • Compatible with smooth or serrated knives

Nice features right and sound confident! Since its AS SEEN ON TV product it’s always unique and really nice.

COST -Bavarian Edge Review

Let look into cost now. Though its still one of the cheapest knife sharpeners compare to its usability, durability, and advantages over others.

From the official website captured above, it cost around $12 ( around 4,000 + in naira)
As of December Bavarian edge cost this in various store locally and internationally.

On Amazon


It cost roughly $20 has seen from the captured screen as at today (December 2018)

You can check your local online stores too.

Like for Nigerians its cost slightly varies on various online stores like the popular stores JUMIA, KONGA, and JIJI check out the screen-shot price below


  • From screenshots above on Jumia around 3,800 or roughly 4,000 naira
  • On Konga around 3,800 roughly 4,000 naira
  • On Jiji around 3,700 roughly 4,000 naira


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Over to You Now give it your start and comment what you think about the knife sharpeners and bavarian edge


Some videos from youtubers that give an awesome review about Bavarian Edge! Tested and trusted by them.