Kenny Blaq| WHEN THEY ARE NOBODY vs Now – Successful Comedian

Kenny blaq back pictures

Kenny Blaq real name is Otolorin Kehinde

Waoo! Kenny is Twins! And you know what his mom give birth to twins twice and that is pretty cool!

Kenny has a twin sister.

Kenny and twin sister

He is the youngest of the 7 children in his family

Naija FM referred to Kenny Blaq as dynamic, sincere and very entertaining. Naija Fm, therefore, gave him an award for his excellent acting.

Kenny blaq award

For Kenny incredible performance MEAMA named him as a comedian of the year 2015 and 2016 received in Egypt. That’s Awesome recognition from MiddleEast Africa Music Awards (MEAMA)

He makes music comedy most times and he loves music! He uses the headset a lot.

Kenny did not only have Nigeria Fans, he has urged foreign fans! He performed in England and Dubai! Urge fans I mean urge that only a few comedians from Nigeria got this urge fans.

This achievement makes him stay long ASIN rank high for long and still remained on top.


He started receiving a recognition in 2011 at Calabar carnival! This Calabar carnival is a popular even suitable for young talented people to showcase their talent!


Kenny created his own project called M.A.D Making A Difference! And it was a hit too.

Kenny Blaq hustle his way up!
He got rejected most times he performs comedy nobody smile!

Kenny blaq back pictures
He has performed to the extent that audience yell at him!
Sometimes he crakes jokes but never gets paid sometimes they will pay him exactly his transport fee.
But he never gives up!




Kenny studied at the FRCN logos training school. This training is to empower and acquire skills in professional presentation.

He also works with SMA FM which is a radio station connected with the college. He works as a presenter in a musical-comedy talk show.
Kenny Blaq is not graduate! He discovers himself at early 15!
When he got the chance to choose between his career or education!
He chooses his career though it was tough he made it! Though this is not encouraging to postpone education and pursue a career in education! But working hard and praying works with time.

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korede bello , donjazzy and kelvin blaq

Kenny is awesome he switches on stage from musician to comedian to actor and different musicians and audience just too love him and sometimes spray him money. In one word he is hungry for success

kenny blaq on stage
His family is supportive, he got a brother has a content developer and another one has a studio director.

Can you wish him more to his successful life?
And there is always room for improvement if you have any thoughts one way or the other to make him improve more kindly use the comment box.


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