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5 tips | How to Set Goals | Achieve 2019 Goals In 6 months

How to set goals: Note goals are very easy to set but hard to fulfill. Why setting these goals you always feel super excited but in a few months even some in few weeks it Desir pier and before you know it’s another year.


There are 6 different people uses deferent ways to set goals – How To Set Goals

  1. Some did not even remember to set any goals they just enter every year as life continues
  2. Some set the goals in their mind lol
  3. Some set the goals in their phone
  4. Some write the goals down and never go and check it
  5. Some even write it and put it in the mirror as some expect says but what of me that have not to check the mirror for the past weeks and the last time I checked was in my barbers shop while dressing my hair
  6. Some even write and check it but did not really write it well. Yes, this is where am going.

If you manage to be in this 6th person position congratulations this video is for you and if you did not do it this video will simplify how you too can do it easily

5 Tips On How To Set Goals

Number 1 way to achieve your early set goals

You make or set realistic goals. You have spent years and you know what you can do and you cannot do at all. So set a realistic go is number one


Number two: How To Set Goals

Be significant in your goals that make your goals simple or straightforward. I want to achieve this and this simple.


Number three very important Brake down Your goals to monthly, daily and hourly. That is tracking your goals every 24 hours.

Let assume you have 2 goals.  Now in another space expand the goals accordingly to plan to achieve it and what you must do daily to achieve it which will bring us to the daily schedule. I explain that in my End procrastination video up here. All link also in the description below.

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Number four will teach you how to make your daily set goals work.

Add enough leisure’s time to your daily set goals became anything can happen and you must not be overwhelmed to help you will be unable to achieve it. Out of 24 hours, you might go to work, school or other things and that may or may not be your set goals so find enough room for compulsory things you do on daily basis and still you give yourself time to entertain yourself too. You can just make that set goal time just 4 or 5 hours depending on how much time you have.

Number five: How To Set Goals

Make sure you track your goals daily and reward yourself maybe weekly of every successfully done goal and if you miss a day set goals don’t take it to the next day rather re-book it to another best day for it so it will not lead to procrastination and affect other plans.

And very last make all your plan achievable in 6 months and use the other 6 months to re-review and correct what met to be corrected and don’t be distracted by a new thing that will keep you new instead of being professional in one consistency doing task.

I am Usefultunde, Thanks to Usefulteam I really appreciate you all.

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