Monkey Pox Outbreak In Nigeria-Things You Need To Know -Be Preventive


Monkey-pox rare occur at  Central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests
Monkeypox spread or transmitted to people through wild animals but has little effect on human to human spread.

Monkeypox is a rare viral zoonosis that is a virus transmitted to humans from animals but has a little human to human transmission effect. The host is mostly monkey, squirrels, and rats.
The first Monkeypox occurred in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a 9 years old boy.
In 2003 the first outbreak outside the Africa continent confirmed in Midwest of the United States of America.
In 2005, a monkeypox outbreak confirmed in Unity, Sudan and sporadic cases have been reported from other parts of Africa.
According to WHO within August and October 2016 26 cases of Monkeypox confirmed and 2 deaths in the Central African Republic.

Monkeypox case discovered in October 2017 in Bayelsa State,  Nigeria.

Basic Symptoms of Monkeypox

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Backache
  • lymphadenopathy which means Swollen lymph nodes
  • Chills
  • Exhaustion

It sometimes started with fever followed by a headache then swollen of the Lymph nodes, backache then lost of energy.

  • When the person is in contact with an infected rodent like Rat and squirrels
  • Eating inadequately cooked bushmeat
  • In contact with infected Monkey
  • Biting from infected animal
  • Contacts with fluid or blood of an infected person.

Prevention is better than cure

Avoid contact with infected animal or person

Avoid eating of bush meat or monkey

Educate people about the virus by any means you can  EXACTLY WHAT AM DOING

Avoid self-medication when you are feeling unhealthy act.

Always wash your hands when you are in contact with sick person or animals.

Avoid eating dead animals

Treatment  or vaccine

There is no treatment or vaccine for the virus but appropriate treatment and promptly awareness once observed.

Supportive care can also help the patient in quick recovery.

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Vaccination against smallpox has been proven to work for MonkeyPox too in the past but once the smallpox was eradicated it also lead to the eradication of the vaccine. This makes it hard to get the vaccine.

In News

According to:
Premiumtimesng   Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, the monkeypox virus may have spread to 11 states with 74 suspected cases recorded.
Daily Post Monkeypox spread to  Delta State, 9 persons hospitalized

Don’t be an ignorant be educated and updated.



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