À réal life story of Abuja girl and fake Abuja big boys. 

This is a really long story that am not used to, but I just want to share this with my readers.

À réal life story of Abuja girls and fake Abuja big boys.


Abuja Girls!!! If you meet any guy by name ‘Ozeal’ graduated from the University of Abuja, please run for your life!!!He has different names.
Ozeal,Charles, yusuf or Abdul.Iam about to post the fullstory.

Please if you want to insult me,feel f ree to do so.Marks of his hands where he strangled me. My eyes where he hit me. He told me he doesn’t joke with girls, that he deals with them mercilessly.Iam not putting this out here because I want: attention,Ijust don’t want any lady to go through what Iwent through she might not be as lucky as Iwas to come out alive.Because,f om the look of things he has
been doing it and is stilldoing it. Ladies please take note of him! It was
really difficult for me to put out my story out there!The shame and the bashing /blam..ihavent gone home since then, my mum can’t see me like this.What willItell her?.Ilook like a mess!

Abuja girls ‘s fake Abuja big boysAbuja girls and fake Abuja big boys

I am really ashamed of myself, I know at the end of this story some of you will blame me and tell me how Iwasn’t smart enough,yea I know Ifucked up. And I know how rape sensitive rape cases are, I am putting out this story without evidence but I have
to because I might just be saving a life.
So here is what happened….. Last weekend I
was having a drink with my best friend at a lounge, a waitress tapped me and told me someone is looking for me outside,so I rushed out to see who
it was and it was this guy,he started apologizing for calling me that way,but he really likes me and stuff,then we exchanged contacts, asked if we
can go somewhere else Isaid no I am comfortable
with where Iwas. So throughout the week we were chatting, he asked where Iwork, told him I just finished serving I am still job hunting ,he asked what kind of work am I looking for and the salary,
I just told him whatever comes fine. And then he said he just opened a hangout spot at jabi lake mall and he is looking for a manager, do I think I can do it, he wants me to see the place and he also has a bq at jabi that no-one is occupying at the moment, so since my house is far Ican stay there for the main time while Iwork..
On Friday he said we should see, so that I can see the place and then hangout, so I got up with some things and I ended finishing up late, w
saw that it was already dark, I asked him if
come with my friend,the one he saw me wi day we met, he said not today

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Fake Fake Abuja big boys

That some other day. Itold him it is dark already and I barely know him,so I need an escort, he kept promising me that not will happen,that he will take me home, or call uber (because I told him wasn’t going to sleep out) he can’t hurt me and plenty plenty other talks(oh! Stupid me, Ishould have known!). I got dressed,told my friend to keep her her phone close,so that she can hear it ring when
Icome back. So I met him at beger, he picked me up,he was with a girl inside the car, that she is his very good friend from uni gwags , he just saw her so he is going to drop her,so we drove down to lugbe to drop her ,they kept gisting(i didn’t think
of anything out of the gist then, I am just putting 1
& 2 together now) some of the names they called (chigozie,chubby ). We dropped her off,he went through Sheraton junction and stopped ,acted like he wanted to change money ,but didn’t,he didn’t even bring out any money from his pocket (I never knew it was part of the plan). He drove down to one chill out spot(i can’t remember the name).
Said his friend owns the place, we sat for about an hour over a glass of Chapman & shisha( which Ididn’t really take) while we gisted. Told me his from a Muslim background his dad is late so they shared his properties amongst the children,so
the bq he wants to give to me the house is part of his share. (1 was just calm listening to all he
saying).when we Were leaving he asked me to give him 1k which I did (with a pure heart)

We left and met his friend somewhere we didnt stay long there ,(his friend was with a girl in his own car) we drove down to another place (vanilla) asked what I wanted Isaid nothing Iam OK he insisted, I said whatever he is taking I will take, he said he doesn’t drink, so Itook a can of srimof1ce, so Iwent to ease myself,when I came back he told me he took 1k from my purse,that he will transfer the money back for me, Isaid ok. (before I left the house, he told me on chat that he has exceeded
his limit of withdrawa l for that day, so that he will transfer money to my account,so that he can use my ATM to withdraw, Iand my friend made jokes about,saying he is scammerans stuffs, I should have followed my instincts,instead I laughed it off) we left vanilla,his friend dropped off the girl
he was with and we drove down to Moscow. There
we sat with some guys ( Istill didn’t take anything there,before we got into Moscow, Ibrought out
2k Ibought airtime of 1500 and he collected the
500 change and used (I still didn’t have any issue with it). We didn’t stay up-to one hour at there we left. He started driving round town,stopped at 3 different hotels,he will come down from the car go in and come back and say the rooms are occupied, I just sat in the car calm. The third place we went to, he do in have up to 5k in my account I said no, but I have in my Diamond account but I don’ transfer on that account,unfact I don’t touc
money there, he started saying

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Ishould do a transfer,that he will give me back that his phone is down he can’t make
transactions ,I brought out my charge and gave it to him and told him to go and power his and do
it he said no ,that he doesn’t want to charge his phone, at this point I was just smiling because I knew Iwas in for it.Itold him the agreement was that I wasn’t going to sleep out, so I am going to call my cab guy for him to take me home, he got angry and threw my charger and my body,and started screaming that is he because he asked me for money or what,that I am talking to him anyhow( to God who made me I didn’t say more than;I want to go home’ I didn’t even shout, I said it quietly, because Iwas tired already) he started driving with speed, I was just in the car quiet,he was now trying to apologize but Ididn’t answer him, he said were we are going to is the bq he wants to give to me that the place is messed up because no-one has been there,that his friends just brings girls there but we have to manage it,
because his estate gate will be locked by now and he can’t go home . I still didn’t answer we got there (my plan was when Iget there I will call my cab guy,we got in(i was stupid to have followed him in right? Yes Iknow,foolish me) I plugged my phone, Idon’t know what happened i became relaxed, he was still trying to tell me sorry, I was lying d
(stupid me) he was trying to touch and sayi sorry, I was about standing up and he jump me, the first thing he did was to Hold my neck,we started struggling, Iscreamed, he used one hand to cover my nose and mouth together and the other he used to press my neck (I actually thought I was dead at a point, I kept seeing my mother’s face, I couldn’t breathe,all 1 was doing was asking God forgiveness because
ithought I wasnt going to leave there alive). He told me nobody knows I am there, he will kill me by hitting my head on the wall. And yes he had his way,he has his way, he did,I was helpless. When he was done he ceased my phone,kept it under him and slept on it, when everywhere was bright,
Istarted begging again for him to open the door
and give me my phone,he still held to my phone, he asked me what model is my phone Itold him he looked at it(like he wanted to keep it to himself) and have it to and opened the door, drove me back
to Berger ju nction(before then I checked my purse,
I found just 500 in it) I told him the money I have won’t take me to where I am going to,so he should refund my money of last night, he said Ishould
get down from his car Ijust start calm and mute, he started threaten me that he will drive me to where they will beat me up and collect my phone,
I still didnt move, he tried pushing me down, I
still refused. He drove down to gwarimpa 1st Avenue he was speaking Hausa with some guys (before then he made a call and spoke Haus
the person, thinking I will be scared) but I because it was morning already I knew he do anything. The guys didn’t even  Answer him(obviously he didn’t know them) Ijust kept smiling Iwas calm ,while he was driving round Iwas actually searching with my eyes if I can see any uniform person so that I can raise an alarm,but Ididn’t and thank God Ididn’t, because when he ceased my phone earlier, he cleared
out chat, deleted his number, like he wiped out everything that links us. If Ihad alerted anyone I would have been able to prove anything, he would have just maybe lied that Iam a prostitute that he just picked up and he would have won because I didn’t have any evidence. God so good he Finally packed somewhere, where people were doing exercise and Isighted a friend of mine, I called her name and she came, Iexplained what happened
to her,he told her that I am lying,he didn’t rape or touch me,she dragged me away,that Ishouldn’t create a scene because this is Nigeria Imight just end up hurting myself that more,she took me to her,gave me 5k called a cab and told me to go home, but I should snap face for evidence and try chatting him up to get more evidence, it was on my way home I discovered what he did on my phone.

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