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I’m highly disappointed and disgusted – Ex-girlfriend of the deceased CeeC talked about on BBNaija.

She wrote;

Cynthia Nwadiora ‘ I am highly disappointed and disgusted at the claims you made on BBN about Etape Emmanuel (RIP) and I. Though he is dead, you should be aware that I am still alive as well as his family and friends. Firstly, in refuting your claim as attached in this video you were never best friend’s with Etape so quit the lies. You were close to him as a friend. Of course he had a lot of female friends, Nkese Ikpeme and Asanga Mfoniso being the closest female friends he had then in class. I was comfortable with everyone that was his friend till date. You on the other hand couldn’t respect the fact that he had a girlfriend and wanted to show yourself. A lot of times you had disrespected me but I ignored cos he wanted peace. You walked up to us severally to speak to him and acted like you didn’t see him with a human being, not even hi or excuse me. You called him up and kept updating him on the fact you heard his here or there with his girlfriend. My dear, you were so bitter and pained that you and your friends gossiped endlessly about our relationship. I can remember confronting you once in school when you approached me after his death girl, you denied everything and accused your friends as the ones always saying stuffs about us and you rebuking them. I knew it was a lie but I let you go. Upon Etape’s death you made some silly comments, I ignored you cos at that point my heart was heavy and I had a lot going on.
Secondly, you claim I was telling him things about you and spoilt your friendship with him. You and I sincerely know I didn’t even know you personally, So what was there to talk about? You were the one spilling trash about me. Etape addressed you on your behavior and demanded if you could not respect me as his girlfriend then you both can’t be friends. That was when your anger and hatred aggravated. I put all of those behind me after you approached me and started talking to you. You have the nerves to go on National TV and refer to me as “one girl”. Why will you always think people talk about you when you are the one who talks about people including those you call friends.
Thirdly, In this life and the next one to come don’t you ever use Etape’s death to make a point or help your game. You weren’t even talking to this guy before he died so why bring the act. You talk about his death casually and without any remorse knowing how sensitive that topic has been to everyone that knows him especially his family and loved ones. His father did not die two months later because he couldn’t take it like you claimed. You do not know the family so desist from saying things you aren’t sure of. I don’t care about whatever you wished for our relationship. A lot of persons knew you prayed for it to crash. Despite the fact his not here today, I will forever be grateful to have been a part of his life cos he was one guy that loved me unconditionally and you weren’t happy about. Death is a respecter of no man and when God says it’s anyone’s time so be it.
Finally, Good luck In your quest and I hope we don’t cross paths cos it might not be a funny experience. Your sister talking about suing instablog, You are the problem. Control your tongue and avoid issues. I am not just cut out for the chase cos if I am trust me, I will mess up your game. You and I know But I choose to be quiet on that. Step on my toes again and let’s see how it plays out. For you to be happy, learn to be happy for others. Only you can be the best you want to be. Let go of hate and you will see the effect. ‘

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